Managed Dedicated Servers

Get your own server in our data center

When you order your dedicated server from Tilted, you will be renting an entire server in our data center. Dedicated servers are housed in Tilted’s secure data center where they benefit from a reliable high speed data connection, physical security, environmental controls, skilled support staff, as well as optional services such as uptime monitoring and data backup.

Dedicated servers are available in two flavors: managed or self-managed. A managed dedicated server’s operating system and software are maintained by us. This means that we are responsible for updating server software, managing users and logs, and maintaining system security and performance. If you or your staff has the time and skills to devote to server administration, then you may be interested in a self-managed server.

Many of our standard configurations can be assembled, tested and prepared for your use within 72 hours of your order. We also offer a variety of add-ons and upgrades depending on your infrastructure needs. All of our dedicated server systems include free parts and replacement in case a component fails, all performed within four hours of diagnosis. We also offer 24/7 toll-free tech support to help get you answers to your questions.

Need Help Choosing a Server Type?

Combine our expert server management with the stability and performance of FreeBSD for real world results. Our experts maintain and update your server’s software to keep it running strong and secure.

FreeBSD is well known for it’s stability, security, and speed. For those experienced in server administration, a self-managed FreeBSD Xeon dedicated server can offer value and performance.

Linux offers the stability of a UNIX-like operating system, while maintaining flexibility and a dose of user friendliness. Linux also offers a large community of enthusiasts and a vast array of free open source software. If you are experienced in using and maintaining Linux servers, look no further.

Windows 2010 Server is packed with major improvements, from a self healing file system to the PowerShell command line tool. A Windows 2010 dedicated server is a powerful, feature packed server that is ideal if you have experience with Windows Server products.

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