As a full service provider, Tilted maintains a wide inventory of add-ons and upgrades for our clients. To order any of the below services, please contact us. Other services and software packages are available by request.

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Managed Firewall


Our firewalls are on-server or dedicated appliances that stand between your server traffic and the rest of the Internet, while also supporting VPN options between your servers at Tilted and your office and mobile networks.

Server Monitoring


Our TiltAlert server monitoring system is designed to monitor your network services and alert you to any possible problems with your servers or applications.

Backup Service


By using our backup services, you can ensure that your data is safely stored off of your server on a regular basis. Options include offsite storage at daily, weekly and monthly intervals.

Server Management


We offer regular system administration to take care of common tasks such as operating system updates, software installation and configuration, and more.

Technical Support


Issues pop up regardless of whether it’s day or night. Our 24//7/365 technical support team provides full coverage around the clock.

SSL Certificates


We can help you encrypt your network traffic and even provide EV certificates to enable the green bar in visitor’s web browsers, assuring them of the trustworthiness of the connection.

Cpanel Control Panel


cPanel is the most popular web hosting control panel in the world. It features access to control individual site configurations, database administration, email accounts and more via their plugin application system.

Domain Registration


You can register your domain with Tilted for convenience, security, and privacy. We also offer long term registration periods to avoid risking losing your online presence due to missing an annual renewal notice.

Server Upgrades

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As experienced system builders, we can upgrade your server’s components and features to help you maintain top performance. We perform upgrades on all brands of servers,.

Interworx Control Panel


Interworx is a user-friendly web hosting control panel that features multi-tiered access to control individual site configurations, database administration, email accounts and various preinstalled web applications.

Remote Reboot


“Have you tried turning it off and then back on again” has become a bit cliche, but when all else fails, sometimes a flick of the power switch through our web-based support portal is all it needs to get back up and running again.

Remote Control

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Power users sometimes need direct access to the server’s console. We provide a couple of remote KVM (Keyboard/Video/Mouse) solutions.

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