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Located in Chicago with Over 18 Years of Professional Hosting Experience


Tilted began offering hosting to the Chicago tech community back in 1998 and has expanded and evolved to become the most experienced local, full-service hosting provider. It’s our commitment to remaining fiercely independent and customer-focused for nearly twenty years that has set us distinctly apart from the cookie cutter hosts.

Most hosts make take the stance that hosting is all about platforms, technologies, hardware, and automation. We believe that these are just tools needed to complete a task. We’ve learned over the years that each customer, each business, and each situation is unique. It takes time and effort to really understand a client’s situation and evaluate which technologies should be used, and when. We are great at understanding, evaluating, and delivering the correct solution in a no-nonsense way.

We’ve been able to deliver top quality reliable hosting to our customers because of our fanatical and continual focus on staff improvement. While technology can be easily duplicated, our admins, techs, and support staff are the real secret sauce that adds value. Our staff is well trained, enthusiastic, and empowered to deliver efficient and flexible solutions. As we hone our skills and knowledge, we are better able serve our customers, retain skilled staff, and and benefit from enthusiastic customer referrals. This strategy is why we continue to achieve such a high level of organic growth.

Oh, and don’t be surprised if you see some familiar faces around here and some good-natured razzing. Alot of our staff have been here for a long time, and we keep things light to keep things fun. In fact, we consider many of our customers to be partners and friends.

Chicago Data Centers

We love Chicago, and with its abundant power, fiber optics and human talent, we also think it’s a great area for data centers!

Our primary presence is the 727 South Wells data center in downtown Chicago, a connectivity-rich building owned and managed by Digital Capital. Secondary locations are at 350 E Cermak in Chicago and 2200 Busse Road in Elk Grove Village, while our administrative offices are located in friendly downtown Forest Park.

Since 1998


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We Put Business Online

Tilted Planet, Ltd offers clients a cost effective Internet presence, the best content delivery technology, and the best customer service in the industry. We provide our clients with the necessary web hosting and development services for business growth.

Knowledge to help your business succeed

Founded in 1998, Tilted Planet has grown into a hosting service provider that serves clients worldwide. We provide a wide spectrum of plans and options that enable us to work with you through all stages of your online growth. We know your needs are constantly evolving, so we make sure that we stay familiar with technological changes too.

Reliable Technology

Tilted Planet provides the high performance infrastructure necessary to maintain constant uptime for your servers. The downtown Chicago data centers are designed with multiple sources of Internet connectivity, power, environmental controls, and security. We monitor and maintain our network and server architectures 24x7x365

People that make a difference

Tilted Planet is a web hosting company that understands that quality people in every job position are very critical to the success of all businesses. Our professional staff is dedicated to ensure that you receive the highest level of support available in the industry. What you get is caring support, exactly when you need it.

Clients that know the difference

Our clients have ranged from individuals and small offices to international companies. Samsung, Kellogg’s, Second City, New York Jets, Baltimore Ravens, Andersen, Seagram’s Crown Royal, East Coast Hockey League, Jewish National Fund, The Bloomberg Foundation, Accenture, The Cresta Group, Charles David, and many more.

8 Dirty Tricks
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Say it ain’t so, Joe…

Server Hardware

Many hosting providers take low-end consumer desktop computers, install a server operating system, and sell these systems to less-informed clients as servers. These consumer-grade systems simply aren’t up to the job.

We use only business-grade, server-class hardware, primarily from Dell and Supermicro. We offer redundant power supplies, high-end enterprise-grade HDDs and SSDs with RAID, multiple network interfaces, and a variety of backup methods. These options allow for reliability, uptime, and confidence.

Network Hardware

We have seen providers using home-office routers, switches, and hubs that can be bought at Best Buy for the majority of their network. This equipment limits performance, manageability, redundancy, and is generally of a lower build quality.

Our entire network backbone is composed of high-end routers and switches from Cisco, Arista, and Juniper. Our network is fully switched and redundant to provide for connectivity that is free of collisions and packet loss. Dual power supplies in our equipment keep our network up and running in case of hardware failure.

Network Connection

Many hosting providers advertise that they have multiple terabits per second of bandwidth available. Don’t buy it. How many $3.95/mo hosts could really afford $100,000+/mo in network connectivity? Simple answer: not too many. Most of them are just inflating themselves to hide their shortcomings. The ones who can afford it usually deliver hosting with a catch, like no support.

We contract for however much bandwidth our customers need, and deliver a custom blend that provides us low latency routing and high throughput to locations around the globe. This allows us to offer a premium product at a fair price.

Bandwidth Quality

Every so often, a new bandwidth provider seems to pop up offering bandwidth at a fraction of what other providers are charging, but there’s a catch – low network and peering quality. That means you have to settle for slow transfer speeds, packet loss, and unreliability.

Our bandwidth comes from the big-boys of bandwidth. They all have very high quality peering arrangements, ensuring that your data gets from point A to point B without jumping all over the country before it finds a peering point. You do get what you pay for.

Invisible Data Centers

Many mom-and-pop hosting providers operate out of a larger provider’s data center. We do too. But if a hosting provider is deceitful about whose data center their servers are located in, can you trust them about anything else they say?

We are proud to provide space in some of the finest data centers in Chicago, even if we don’t own the building ourselves. We let security staff, electricians and cooling engineers do their work, while we do ours by taking care of you and your servers.

Monthly Data Transfer Charges

There has been a trend to charge “only $0.10 per megabyte!” or a similar dollar amount. What many people don’t realize until it’s too late is that $0.10/MB is $100/GB. A $800 surprise bill would put a big dent in many peoples’ budgets. Other providers may charge by blocks of transfer. For example, if you are alotted 10 GB/mo and use 15 GB/mo, you could be charged for a 25 GB block.

We only charge you for what you use, and at a fair price. Use 3 GB, pay for 3 GB. Use 293 GB, pay for 293 GB. We also let you monitor your data transfer use in real-time, so there are never any surprises at the end of the month.

Bandwidth Rate Limited

Most server activity is between 9am and 7pm while people are at work or school. After hours, usage dips until the morning. Some providers rate-limit so you can only use x amount of bandwidth. For example, 40 GB/mo at some providers means that your connection is rate-limited to 0.125 Mbps, or roughly 10% of a cable modem. Not very fair, is it?

We never rate-limit clients unless they specifically request it. This means that visitors to our sites get the absolute fastest connections possible.

24/7 Support

Providers who advertise 24/7 support are probably betting that nobody will bother to contact them at 3am. Other providers define 24/7 support as an email address with an auto-responder.

We understand the importance of true 24/7 support. You can contact us at 3am and deal with someone with authority to make things happen. Day and night, our people make Tilted the best provider when you need support most.

Key People

George Vuckovic

CEO & President

George founded Tilted Planet in 1998 after he began hosting web sites for friends and family. With 25 years of Internet experience and a unique personal edge, he continues to drive the daily operations of a growing company.

Jason Coath

CFO & General Manager

Jason is our CFO and General Manager. He combines his business background with years of technical experience on the Internet to flexibly deal with the unique business and financial needs of our clients.

Alex Richards

Senior Systems Engineer

James is our most senior systems engineer and systems administrator. More than a decade of enterprise systems experience allows him to immediately grasp complicated concepts and create solutions to technical problems.

Chris Pritchard

Customer Service Manager

Chris displays his patience and triage experience on a daily basis by coordinating support resources for our customers. A friendly guy, it’s hard to get him to say no!

Our Customers Are…

Happy customers!

“For more ways than I can explain, Tilted is the best host I have used in the last five years.”



“I’m really fortunate to be building this business and know that much of its success comes from the quality of support and services folks like you offer.”



“… streaming audio from your facility is always silky smooth.”



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